Fort Pierce to Titusville

We left Fort Pierce on 2/11 but, before doing so, we had dinner with friends from Connecticut and their lovely wives with whom both Gloria and John worked in Connecticut for twenty-five years. It was fun catching up about family and other friends. Unfortunately, we all forgot to take any photos. Then we moved on to small marina in Melbourne and had a very nice meal in the marina restaurant there (Ichabod’s).

From Melbourne we traveled 48 miles to Titusville on what is known as the Space Coast. We rented a car and spent a day at the Kennedy Space Center.  We were very surprised at what we encountered there. We found a very large and well-organized tourist operation just like a large theme park. This place is a must-see for anyone vacationing in the area. The presentations and exhibits are amazing and inspiring. They have an entire Saturn V rocket on display inside a building. Until one sees in person the mammoth size of this rocket one cannot fathom just how amazing our space program was and is. We took many pictures. We hope that the photos give you

some idea of what we saw but truly only an in-person visit tells the whole story. In particular, notice the water tower in the “launch pad” picture. That tower releases over a million gallons of water on the launches, not for cooling, but for sound suppression. Without the water, the level of sound produced by the rocket motors would irreparably damage the spacecraft.

In addition to the Space Center pictures, we included several pictures of what what we thought interesting or curious along the way up to Titusville.

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